We help you to optimize your operations using the latest, award-winning AI technology.

  • Productivity

    We turn your operations into an industrial powerhouse. InsideOpt Seeker makes your company more profitable by providing operational intelligence.

  • Performance

    InsideOpt Seeker tailors its search towards your specific business problems - and not some benchmark you have never heard of.

  • Resilience

    With InsideOpt Seeker you can create operational plans that are robust even against rarely occurring but costly events.

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  • Seeker Solver

    Try out our non-linear, linear, nested, stochastic, parallel optimizer. Offered for Mac, Linux, and Windows WSL.

  • Strategic AI Consulting

    We help you stand up AI teams and guide you how to leverage AI for your business.

  • Leadership Coaching

    Book us to organize a seminar at your company or online one-on-ones. We make technical managers.

  • Application Optimization

    Hire us for a project to optimize prices, production, inventory, scheduling, routing, dispatch, etc.

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