Install InsideOpt Seeker

----  Demo Version  ----


If you just want to try out the solver with limited model size and functionality:

  • Go to and open a new Python Notebook
  • pip install insideopt-demo
  • import seekerdemo as skr
  • env = skr.Env()    (or env = skr.Env("", True) for a stochastic environment)
And use Seeker as usual!



----  Full Seeker Library  ----


We currently support Python 3.8 to 3.11 on

  •      Mac OS Sonoma 14.1, tested on both x86_64 and arm64
  •      Linux, tested on CentOS 8, Ubuntu 22.04, and Red Hat Enterprise Release 8.8.

---- Install ----

    pip install insideopt-seeker


---- Run ----

    python -c "import seeker as skr; skr.create_hardware_signature()"

This creates a file 'client_machine.sio' with your hardware signature.


---- Obtain a License ----

Send email to '' with the attached 'client_machine.sio' and buy a real or request a free demo license.