What Sets InsideOpt Apart?

Whether you are a seasoned optimization expert or an absolute beginner, there are three things that you care about:

1. How easy is it to adopt InsideOpt?

In one word: Very. Setting up a problem is straight forward using our simple modeling concepts. We do not use weird notation or undecipherable macros that you would need to learn and that are often a nightmare to debug. If you know even rudimentary Python or C++, you are ready to use InsideOpt.

Also, our modeling concepts follow an "uncertainty first" philosophy. The fact that a lot of the data you feed the machine is or needs to be estimated is not an afterthought, our solutions were built with that in mind from the start. This makes decision support in uncertain environments extremely easy for you. And should you get stuck anyway: Our tutorials, our community, and our support staff are always there to help. 

2.  How much effort is it to maintain code developed to work with InsideOpt?

We are professional software developers. We understand that code must persist over time, especially when it governs decisions that are core to your business. Contrary to many other optimization solvers, we built our APIs so that your code is simple, readable, and reusable. Moreover, we provide a set of tools to help you verify that the model you have entered is indeed the model you want to optimize. 

3. How good are the decisions that InsideOpt provides?

The technology behind InsideOpt is based on the latest AI technology. We have demonstrated at numerous international competitions (organized independently by third parties) that our software is superior to the most cutting-edge solutions provided by other contestants from academia and industry. Most recently, we won both tracks at the AI4TSP competition where a pick-up and delivery tour had to be optimized while travel times had to be guessed. By partnering with InsideOpt, you are gaining access to the most competitive optimization technology in existence. Period. 


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