What Sets InsideOpt Apart?

Whether you are a seasoned optimization expert or an absolute beginner, there are three things that you care about:

1. Productivity

With Seeker, you create solutions for your customers or employers ten times faster than with traditional solvers.* You do not need an OR degree to use Seeker, the modeling is as easy as saying what properties you want your solutions to have. Even problems that only OR experts know how to model can be developed easily—for example, if your problem contains nested optimizations, you have to solve a stochastic problem, your problem is highly non-linear, or you have to consider multiple objectives—or all of the above in the same problem!

2.  Performance

Our technology is up to 100 times faster based on tuning and our proprietary parallelization technology.** This is made possible by two technologies:

A. Seeker is hyper-parameterized. What that means is that you can tune the solver exactly for the problem instances that your clients are facing, without having to do it manually, but by using InsideOpt tuning technology. In this way, you get a massive customization performance booster for your clients without hands-on work. 

B. Seeker works massively parallel. A simple, one-line adjustment of the model allows you to run as many solvers as you want. The different programs automatically coordinate their search, as long as they have access to the same file system. You can even start them asynchronously!

3. Resilience

A. Thanks to Seeker's strong modeling capabilities, even changing requirements by your clients can be integrated easily. This gives your development unprecedented agility. 

B. Moreover, Seeker seamlessly integrates with data science workflows and allows you to let your ML models make predictions based on decisions to be optimized. This capability is unique in the industry.

C. And finally, if your hardware crashes shortly before your deadline, no problem! Simply restart the application, it will restart the optimization right where it left off. ***


If you are ready to optimize your business, please contact us at info@insideopt.com.


* Based on a comparison of a sports scheduling application. 
** Based on AI4TSP competition results. 
*** Again after a simple one-line adjustment in the model.